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Pack Takes in Florence, Pisa and Rome

The NC State men's basketball team continued its tour of Italy the past few days in the Italian cities of Florence, Pisa and Rome. 

The team arrived in Florence Sunday night and after dinner spent the evening and the next morning touring about the beautiful city. Known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, the city is known for its culture, architecture and monuments. The team stayed a short walk from one of the best known sites in Florence, the Santa Maria del Fiore, known a the Duomo. The team enjoyed walking around the plaza surrounding the Duomo and also made its way to the famous leather market where many players bought gifts for family members.

In the early afternoon, the team departed Florence and headed to Pisa. Upon arriving in the town, the team boarded a trolley that took them to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The team spent 45 minutes walking around the site and taking pictures and also enjoyed bantering with all of the street vendors located in the area that were selling knockoff sunglasses and watches.

On Tuesday, the team woke up and departed Florence and took the 3.5 hour bus trip south to Rome. After a quick lunch, the team had no scheduled activities for the rest of the day and voted to head to a mall local Romans shop and look around. Tuesday was the first of four days the team will spend in the capital city of Italy.